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Meet Lori



I am a passionate wedding and event photographer and enjoy learning new and creative lighting techniques.  I love capturing unforgettable moments and find it a privilege to view God's marvelous creation from behind the lens.

Being a native Californian, I am spoiled by the mild climate and nearly perfect weather, 365 days/year.  Living in a state where you can be in the snowy mountains in the afternoon, and a few hours later be capturing the sunset on the Pacific Ocean, has its privileges. 

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie, and I became curiouser and curiouser about photography. At the age of 8, my grandparents gave me a Polaroid camera for Christmas.  Of course, it took a while to "develop" my skills.  (Did I mention I love puns?)  Between bookings, I enjoy bird and wildlife photography, and I also have over 9 years of experience in providing full-service school portraiture. Waking up before dawn and heading out on a road trip has become my all-time favorite past-time.  Those sunrises!  ♥












Besides photography, I love spending time with family, listening to music, video games (yes, video games), lounging at the beach, road trips to mountains (especially Mammoth Lakes), enjoying a good meal with friends, lots of laughter, and finding encouragement through Scripture.  I'm also a huge tea party fan and will never be late for your very important date! 

​If you're looking for quality images, from a "fun-but-professional perfectionist", and you think we're a good fit, please fill out this contact card!            

I can't wait to hear the details. 


TTFN, Lori


"Pumpkin spice is alright, but life without cinnamon is irrational."


I'd rather be a half hour early than 1 minute late

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite, even though she's not an official Disney Princess. (She should be... Who's with me on this?)

I love to laugh and when it comes to jokes, 

I'm PUNstoppable!

Dogs over cats, but just about any fur baby is getting a cuddle!

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